Some of our past reviews:

Wheels of Fire (1985)  Classic Santiago PA

2020: Texas Gladiators (1982)  Classic Italian PA

She (1982)  post-apocalyptic sit-com?

Hard Knuckle (1987)  post-apocalyptic pool?

American Cyborg: Steel Warrior (1985)

Survival Zone (1983)  South Africa's best PA film!

The Sisterhood (1988)  This time the women kick ass!

The New Barbarians (1982)  Classic PA, you must see!

Def-Con 4 (1985)  silly title, reasonable film.

Steel Frontier (1995)  Joe Lara's western PA.

Omega Cop (1990) and Karate Cop (1991)

Stryker (1983) "Water, water, water, water!"

Clash of the Warlords (1985)

2019 After the Fall of New York (1988)

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Mad Max 4 top 10 wants - Check it out!

Welcome to the post-apocalyptic (PA) movie page, where we are in the process of reviewing and logging as many trashy wasteland based post-nuke films as possible. These are the movie that have been pumped out over the years by producers who were looking to make some easy money in the wake of the success of Mad Max 2. From the low budget Italian early 80's films like The New Barbarians and Endgame to the more modern and bigger budget attempts like The Postman, we will attempt to make this the best site, and in the case of many of the films, the only site to find detailed information for movies showing humanity surviving after the apocalypse.

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