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Monday, 23 April 2007

Another 28 Weeks Later review

This is the last review I will probably post for 28 Weeks Later. All so far have been mostly positive.

"once the film gets in to gear after a slow set up, and Don is infected 28 Weeks Later sends you on a roller coaster ride concluding in a suitably apocalyptic way, which those who disliked the happy ending of the first film will find more satisfying. If you didn't like the first film there'll be little to draw you back in as the film does cover a lot of the same ground as the original, but for fans, this film will be a pleasant surprise, its by no means perfect but in the end its a far better film than you would have expected with a greater scope than the original, and a assured grip on the tension, that rarely lets up till the end, leaving you physically exhausted by the time you leave the theatre....."