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Saturday, 31 March 2007

Zordax II

From the movies website:

"In a post apocalyptic world, a scavenger looks for anything to survive... things start to turn nasty as our hero gets captured by Zordax' men.

Zordax II : The Metal War is inspired by 80's Italian post-apocalyptic movies like After the Fall of New-York, The New Barbarians and the very obscure Endgame."

Check out the site for this 12 minute post-apocalyptic movie made in Canada. There are a few pictures and it looks very well made. Where's Zordax 1 though? If anybody has seen this one please leave us a comment.

Friday, 30 March 2007

List update

Just a quick note to say I have updated the list a little - now all my box scans are high resolution pictures so they are all worth a look. I have also added IMDb links for those films not yet reviewed.

The Snake Plissken Memorial Playground is reporting that this is real, so check it out here:

It's a wonderful cause, but I really don't understand. A playground for disadvantaged kids dedicated to/from Snake Plissken (Escape From New York/LA)? Madness....


On Our Own

A stylish short film. Beware the breathers! 4 minutes in duration. Well worth a watch.

Thursday, 29 March 2007

Jack Tillman: The Survivalist

Finally I have another review up for you all (sorry for the delay - I have been moving house). Today's movie is Jack Tillman: The Survivalist, a film that you will have trouble tracking down if you want to watch it - I can't see any on eBay. I also can't find any other reviews, but if you know of any please leave me a message. Unfortunately there is a reason for this films obscurity and that will become apparent upon reading the review. The review is shorter than normal but more critical. I should return to the longer format with the next and more deserving film Steel Dawn! It should take me about a week to get that one up.

Any comments?

28 Years Later?

 is reporting that Danny Boyle has already penned a third film in what could now be a '28 Trilogy'. Their is a big spoiler about what happens in 28 Weeks Later and I would say it's not worth clicking the above link unless you are desperate to know (if you do want to know check this out too).

So will it be 28 Months Later? Here's hoping its 28 Years Later wasteland stuff!


More Death Race news

Some clarification about Paul W.S. Andersons situation.

IGN decided to get more details on his departure of Castlevania. Turns out he is off as director, but is still actively involved with the film as a whole. "Both Death Race and Castlevania are set up at Universal," the filmmaker told IGN. "The studio wants to make both films, but obviously there is a scheduling conflict which we are trying to resolve. I am very passionate about Castlevania and whatever happens I will remain actively involved in my role as writer and producer."

So it looks like he is no longer the Castlevania director, but who knows about Death Race. There's no denial.


Codename: Embryo

There isn't much I can say about this other than it's bloody brilliant, and I do mean bloody. There are two episodes and unfortunatly it looks like there will be no more to follow. You can download the episodes to keep at


Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Battletruck Update

I have updated the Battletruck review with nearly 100 screenshots so have a look. I have also added some new advertisement posters found by Wraith on the message board. Thanks Wraith!

P.S. check out The List where I have added big scans of Salute of the Jugger and Steel Dawn.

A few weeks ago I posted a trailer for The NUKE Brothers, an independently produced 44 minute PA movie. The creator, Scott C. Carr, has now contacted me with some interesting information.

"In the review, you loved the use of the Muppet's theme song, but wondered if the filmmakers had "abandoned ship" on the project... Nothing could be further from the truth! We finished The NUKE Brothers in 2005 (and I'm currently working on an extended version). I published a tie-in NUKE Bros comic book (available in comic stores everywhere) in 2006, and am currently working on the 3rd episode of the Nuke Bros sequel spin-off series "The LAST Wizard"..."

So, here is The NUKE Brothers page :
where you can download the trailers and purchase a copy. When my copy arrives I will be doing a full review.

In conjunction with The NUKE Brothers is a comic entitled
The Continuing Adventures of FAT MAN and little boy . . . See some of the concept art here: Available in good comic book stores.

Scott's latest PA project is titled The LAST Wizard (anyone notice a theme to these titles?) and will include 12 episodes of 8 to 10 minutes in duration. Check out the teaser and screens here:

And that's not all. When The LAST Wizard is finished Scott intends on completing the PA trilogy with a full film tentatively titled "The Men in the Moon" (surely MEN).

This guy does not stop because he also works on the apocalyptic fiction website and writes his own PA fiction.

So to finish up, here is an alternative trailer for The NUKE Brothers. Watch out for a review in the next few weeks.

Trailer 2 (With The Muppet's song)


Off Topic - Day Watch

Ok, this is not post-apocalyptic (althoug check out some of the buildings), but I know you guys will apreciate it! A trailer for the sequal to Night Watch.

A higher res version can be found here:


Death Race

I have had a few people mention Death Race 2000 to me during discussions of post-apocalyptic films. Although it is in no way a apocalyptic tale it's still an interesting film and there is nothing to say the remake won't be, so I will be keeping an eye on this one as and if it progresses.

It is reported today that jinxed director Paul W.S. Anderson (Event Horizon was good!) has jumped ship from the Castlevania movie to Death Race. Good or bad?

P.S. Paul, as producer, please make Resident Evil: Apocalypse good.


28 Weeks later - Trailer

A great looking trailer for a great looking film! Check it out!


Monday, 26 March 2007

The Postman Trailer

I quite like The Postman, but there is something missing and I can't quite put my finger on it. Maybe its the lack of anything nuke related or the overplaying of wild west themes, maybe its Kev trying too hard to put some kind of moral message into it. Then again it could be because its just too damn long. Despite my grumblings it's still well worth a watch. Here's the trailer to wet your appetite.


Readers Reviews

There are A LOT of post-apocalyptic films. Hundreds in fact! On average I'm getting a new review up each week, but I can't go any quicker. I keep getting emails suggesting films and asking where the review of this or that is. I'm trying my best guys!

So now its your chance to help me out and maybe get a bit of publicity for yourself! I'm looking for reviews of PA movies, not copied and pasted from other sites but written by you about a film you have recently watched. I'm going to set up a section for readers reviews and all you have to do is email me the text, your name or nickname and if you want a link to a web page of your choice and a small photo. I will sort out pictures and anything else. All I ask is that it is over 200 words. We want reviews by PA fans. If the films crap - say so, but please no "the worst film ever" tirades. I reserve the right to not publish, but I'm a nice guy so I will probably publish anything. After only 2 months online we are averaging 200 unique hits a day so it's pretty much guaranteed that people will read it.

If i don't reply after 48 hours then something must have gone wrong so pop over to the message board. I don't think the email address is working 100%.

So you read all the way through! How about a reward. Hmm, let me see, what about some cool pictures of a post-apocalyptic dune buggy? No no, you welcome.


Saturday, 24 March 2007

Mystery Science Theater 3000

Although not necessarily a PA, Bronx Warriors (1982) has a lot of connections to the Genre. Its a distopian future where gangs run wild in the Bronx, and the government is obviously not happy. Much of the cast and crew worked on other Italian PA's, and then the went on to make what we have here, Bronx Warriors 2 (1983), or Escape 2000 as it is titled on this episode of Mystery Science Theatre 3000. Directed by Enzo G. Castellari who also directed The New Barbarians just before these and staring good old Giancarlo Prete and Ennio Girolami also from TNB. It's 1:32 long and well worth a watch if you can put up with the jokes. Enjoy...


The Landmaster and DVD release?

Damnation Alley had quite a large budget considering it turned out to be the B-movie that it is today. In fact at the time 20th Century Fox supposedly saw this as their sci-fi blockbuster of 1977. Then Star Wars hit and Damnation Alley was no longer a priority.

At $300,000 to build, the Landmaster is quite a beast, and still survives today (unlike Ark II which was chopped up). Check out this page with pictures of the beast past and present.

So you want to see the film now right? Well Wikipedia claims:

"The film is scheduled to be released on DVD in 2007, after over 20 years of being out of print. Anchor Bay Entertainment had been planning a release for three years, but the DVD rights were taken back by 20th Century Fox, who is currently working on the official DVD release."

More Damnation Alley trivia on our message board where you can leave comments.

Friday, 23 March 2007

Site News

A brief update. I have added a few more films to the list and have polished up a few little bits there. Check out The List here. Now I should be able to start on another review, but It won't be ready for at least a week.

After gaining a few links here and there (and here, here, here) the site is starting to pick up, after just over two months since birth. Thanks to everyone who has visited so far, especially the folks on the message board who have all brought some great news and info to the site. Have a look over at the message board to see what your missing. There is plenty more coming up, so stick around!

Another New Barbarians Trailer

I posted a The New Barbarians (Warriors of the Wasteland) trailer last month and now I have a well made new trailer for you. Gasp as One (that's his name) rips up the bible and shield your eyes at the very very end!

UPDATE: blamster has confirmed that he put this together. Good job!


W is War

For all of those people who were interested in the review of Clash of the Warlords, I finally found some pictures from W is War, the very similar looking previous project from the same director, crew and probably even cast. It's in spanish and the babelfish translator doesn't help much but the pictures speak for themselves. At this point I do not know if it is actuallpy post-apocalyptic but it certainly looks so. This one has a IMDB page too!

See more pictures here:



The world of table top gaming always eluded me. I was always interested in the idea of a complex strategy game that didn't involve Chess, Risk or a computer but never got round to trying any out. One look at an instruction book and I went cowering back to Command & Conquer. For those inclined, the Auto Assault MMORPG (Online PC game) has a nice page detailing all the major post-apocalyptic roleplaying games.


Thursday, 22 March 2007

28 Weeks later - first impressions

just 24 hours after the release of the poster we now have an initial reaction from a journalist who has seen the first 28 minutes of the film. Interesting and positive stuff.


I Am Legend

I'm ashamed to say that I Am Legend is a book I have not read, but it's is a highly acclaimed PA about the last man in California, who is constantly under threat from zombie like vampires. Written in 1954 there have been two movie versions, firstly Vincent Price in 1964's The Last Man on Earth and secondly 1971's Charlton Heston vehicle The Omega Man. Now Warner Brothers are busy on another remake, this time using the original title and starring Will Smith. It's filming right now and a quick search of YouTube crops up lots of shaky camera footage from bystanders watching the filming.

It looks like the apocalyptic fad of the late 90's and early 00's (The Day After Tomorrow, The Core, Deep Impact etc) is switching to a post-apocalyptic nature with I Am Legend, Day of the Dead, Escape From New York and maybe even Mad Max 4 on the way. Excellent!

So to celebrate, firstly I have another short British film, only 3 minute in duration, Explaining the I Am Legend story. A well made independant production.

And secondly the ENTIRE film The Last Man on Earth. If you have time it is well worth a watch. Enjoy!


Wednesday, 21 March 2007

28 Weeks later.

The poster for the sequel to 28 Days later has just been released. More apocalyptic than post-apocalyptic it still looks like a superb film. Click to enlarge!


Troc on the message board has pointed us in the direction of a few superb trailers. You may have to suffer an advert before the trailer runs (sometimes it goes straight to the trailer).

America 3000

An outrageous post-nuke adventure!

World Gone Wild
It's hell on earth, it's a world gone wild!

American Cyborg: Steel Warrior
It's a matter of life and death!

I haven't seen America 3000 but the other two are good. Check out our World Gone Wild review here.


Carpenter Interview

A recent interview with John Carpenter throws up some new details on the Escape From New York remake. Is it now a prequel?

Daniel Robert Epstein: I spoke with Will O'Neil who wrote one of those Snake Plissken comic books a few years ago. He had said that you, Kurt [Russell] and [producer] Debra Hill owned the character of Snake. Is that true?

John Carpenter: Yes, but we share it with Canal Plus. It’s a long story, but the movie was originally made for a company called Avco Embassy. Avco Embassy was sold to Dino De Laurentiis. Dino De Laurentiis sold his share to Canal Plus.

DRE: So in this remake they’re talking about...

John: I don’t know that it’s a remake. I think it’s a lot about Snake before he gets to New York.

Saturday, 17 March 2007


Another review us up for you all to enjoy. Endgame is an Italian PA through and through; essential for any PA collection. Check it out here. I have also updated the fact sheet with all the juicy information. comments?

Passion to the Max

I just came across this flash little website promoting a new short film featuring a chase between Mad Max's Interceptor and a DeLorean (really!). Watch the trailer on the site (Quicktime) and maybe go see the film. Screenings are arranged around the USA, unfortunately a few thousand mile too far away for me. It looks like a superb effort! Any comments?

Friday, 16 March 2007

Part 2 of The Omega Man(s)

As promised here is part 2. A great effort from the lads. Five minutes in duration. Enjoy! Comments?

Mad Max 4

Here is an article from I Watch Stuff posted yesterday:

"Speaking to Australian reporters, director George Miller confessed that he hopes to begin on a fourth Mad Max movie now that he finished his dream of animating dancing penguins. Though Mel Gibson played the title role in the original Max Max and its sequels, The Road Warrior and Beyond Thunderdome, Miller said he hoped to get a new young lead to take over the project since Gibson now seems more interested in directing, drunk driving, and finishing the work of Hitler."

Could it be true? Do we want this? I say go for it! PA's don't really have much credibility to damage so take your best shot! Comment on our message board

Escape From New York again

The remake of Escape From New York is now a certainty after New Line picked it up. I just hope they don't ruin it. Variety has the full story.

Discuss on our message board.

Thursday, 15 March 2007

The Omega Man(S)

This is a funny little exchange between the last three men on earth (if you don't count all the mutants). I love the ending! There is a part 2 coming up tomorrow. Hopefully the guys will make another. 5:20 in duration. Comment on our message board.

New Highlander

Here's a link to a trailer for a brand new animated series of highlander. I must admit to only ever seeing the first film, which certainly wasn't post-apocalyptic, but it looks like the story has certainlly moved on a bit:

Discuss on our message board. New members welcomed!

Wednesday, 14 March 2007

The Extinguisher

I have been saving this for a optimum moment, and as its national no-smoking day here in the UK it seems about right. The Extinguisher is a 10 minute post-apocalyptic film. Very well filmed and with a interestingly ironic ending. Worth watching, although it could have done with a couple of minutes cutting. Some good stuff, and filmed right here in London.

The Street Warrior and other South Park madness

Slightly old news, but new for me! The final episode of season 10 of South Park (Stanley's Cup), shown in the US last November, shows that Stan has a great taste in movies.

Other past PA highlight from South Park include Season 7's Casa Bonita where Butters is tricked into believing the apocalypse has happened, and season 8's The Passion of the Jew where Mel Gibson goes mad and drives the truck from Mad Max 2.

Comments? Visit our Message Board. Click on the pictures to enlarge.

Escape From New York REMAKE?

Variety is reporting that a proposal for a remake of Escape From New York is doing the rounds in Hollywood. Gerald Butler (300) is slated to play Snake and major studios are fighting for the rights due to the recent success of 300. What do you guys think? Comment on our message board.

Monday, 12 March 2007


I stumbled across this on today, a trailer for Gangland from 2000 (IMDb). It seems like it could be good, but a maybe bit bland. Where's all the silly costumes? I'm surprised I have never heard of it! Worth a watch and certainly post-apocalyptic. Ice T and Kristanna Loken cameo. Added to the list.

Rats Notte di Terrore

Watch as a group of post-apocalyptic survivors get all scared over a few sleepy rats! This trailer for Rats: Night of terror really doesn't do the film any justice. Sure, the rats in the movie are mostly subdued, barely moving, but at least the film manages to build a bit of tension. The trailer doesn't have any of that tension. Embedding has been disabled but you can see it here:

Surprisingly in Germany it was marketed as the third Bronx Warriors film. The trailer (below) is very different to the English one and has no rats in it!

Finally, a classic scene from the film. "I'm gonna warm their whiskers."

Saturday, 10 March 2007


Some good updates today. My review of Clash of the Warlords is now complete with tons of images. I think its worth checking out as I don't know of ANY other reviews of this movie online. Even IMDB don't recognise it. I have also added it to the fact sheet.

Coming soon (probably later today) is over 100 screen grabs for last weeks review of 2019: After the Fall of New York, so it may be worth checking out again.

Finally, I have added some big scans to the list: Bridge of Dragons, The Postman and Rush 2 (French A Man Called Rage).

Friday, 9 March 2007

7 minutes of Karate Cop

Omega Cop (1990) was a pretty average Wasteland adventure that actually starred Adam West (Batman), although the way it was filmed I think West's involvement was probably filmed over one day. I quite liked it, but found it hard to believe that they made a sequel. Karate Cop (1991) is an even more cash strapped PA continuing the story of 'last cop on earth' John Travis (Ronald L. Marchi). Here is a nice scene from the film for you to enjoy - set in a typical PA bar.

Thursday, 8 March 2007

More 'filth' from Channel 4

Channel 4 in the UK has just released details of a new reality TV show. Dumped will follow the lives of a group of people living off a rubbish tip, post-apocalyptic style. Apparently the format was previously used in Sweden where the contestants managed to get a trashed TV and DVD player working. It's a shame that is its on a standard rubbish tip and not a junk yard. Beefed up old cars anybody?

The NUKE Brothers

Here's an odd one for you. A trailer for an independent film called The NUKE Brothers. I love the use of the Muppets song. From the website:

"The NUKE Brothers is a 44-minute original television pilot, set in the Wastelands of Earth thirty five years after a devastating nuclear/pharmaceutical apocalypse. A dramatic comedy, the tone of the movie can be described as, 'Laurel and Hardy After the Bomb.'"

It's a few years old now and maybe the filmmakers have abandoned ship, but have a look on their site if your interested:

Wednesday, 7 March 2007

La Jetée

Calling all those who are fans of Arty French films. Wait! Come Back! You might like this! La Jetee (The Pier) is a mad little post-apocalyptic tale, set in Paris after World War 3. Made completely of still photographs it follows the story of a man who is tested on in time travelling experiments. Its a highly respected short film whose story was poached for Bruce Willis' 12 Monkeys. Just under half an hour in duration.

Monday, 5 March 2007

2019: After the Fall of New York

Finally I have completed the 2019 review. Check it out. I intend to add a whole host of screenshots in the next couple of days. It's quite a biggie.

So whats next? Well I am going to try out Clash of the Warlords which I know next to nothing about. It is not featured on IMDB so it is either spectacularly bad or a lost classic! I picked up my copy from eBay on the 23rd Century label (AKA poor VHS transfer to DVD).

Friday, 2 March 2007

The problem with apocalyptic media is that it is pretty easy to create as long as you have some good CGI. The stories petty much write themselves, you just have to choose your disaster. Hollywood is very aware of this, churning out meteor attacks, floods, ice-ages and most recently the earths core stopping and the sun dying. I'm sure the next wave will be even easier for Hollywood to make - the virus style (think bird-flu pandemic) movies. Now this site is dedicated to the post-apocalypse, and not normally concerned with the actual methods of apocalypse, but their bonds can't be denied.

Horizon - End Day is a well made Groundhog Day style programme from the BBC showing five different methods of apocalypse. The show is here in its entirety (55 minutes) for your enjoyment, and if you find yourself wanting more BBC apocalyptic drama see Threads posted here on the 9Th February.

Thursday, 1 March 2007

World War Z

Although Zombie movies are comfortably in a genre of their own, some of them can certainly be classed as post-apocalyptic. Now Max Brooks' well recieved novel World War Z is in the process of scripting for the cinema. The book features various stories told by survivors of a world war against the Zombies.

IMDB says:

"Ten years after the human victory over the world wide Zombie epidemic, referred to as World War Z, Max Brooks scours the world collecting the stories and experiences of those who have survived the conflict that almost eradicated humanity."

It sounds like a difficult book to translate to the screen but hopefully this will be a great film. Check out the news at IGN and the IMDB page.

post-apocalyptic snooker

After a little bit of eBay browsing I came across this. Hard Knuckle (IMDB) a post-apocalyptic snooker movie from Australia! I'm going to have to track down a copy of this! It has been added to the list. Has anybody out there seen it?

Other news: The fact sheet has been updated with Children of Men an 2019: After the Fall of New York.