True Post-apocalyptic, post-nuke wasteland adventure movies.
Category A is reserved for the movies we define as true PA's (post-apocalyptic films). Roughly speaking, these are the movies set at least a few years after some kind of nuclear war or world devastating occurance where the survivors roam the lawless wasteland or struggle against raiders in their makeshift towns. Mad Max II set out most of the conventions here, and many films followed suit in its styling. The main aim of this site is to document all of these film we deem as category A, most of which emanate from Italy and the US.

Post-apocalyptic and similar.
Many films have a lot in common with our idea of the post-nuke wasteland genre but maybe don't fit precisely.
Waterworld for instance is a bit too wet to make it into category A, and numerous films and TV programmes cover the period directly after the event, showing the crumble of society rather than an adjusted society of survivors as seen in category A. Some experimental films like La Jetée just about make it into B too, although most would fall into C. B should also include the group of post-apocalyptic style films set on other worlds, the space PA's like New Eden.

Worthy mentions.
There are plenty of fun B-movies out there that maybe don't have much in common with the post-nuke movies, but some are still worth a mention, including films that show a society on the brink of destruction (Children of Men) or one that has recovered or is still surviving from devastation. Finally we can not forget a whole host of Zombie movies (Dawn of the Dead, Land of the Dead).

28 Days Later (2002) Zombie style virus victims run rampant. 8/10

28 Weeks Later (2007) Zombie style virus victims and the American Army run rampant. 7/10

2019: After the Fall of New York (1983) The last fertile woman on Earth needs rescuing. 8/10

2020: Texas Gladiators (1982) One of the first real Italian PA's. 7/10

Aftershock (1990) John Saxon stars in this rarely shocking PA's. 4/10

American Cyborg: Steel Warrior (1993) Invincible Cyborgs and a freaky baby in a jar. 8/10

Battletruck (1982) Giant truck terrorizes survivors of the Oil Wars. 5/10

Children of Men (2006) Michael Caine grows drugs and the British abuse immigrants. 8/10

Clash of the Warlords (1985) Mental Warlords want to take control of the island. 3/10

Deadly Reactor (1989) Post-nuke town saved from the dumbest criminals ever. 4/10

Def-Con 4(1985) Teen tyrant takes control of civilization. 8/10

Empire of Ash (1988) Insane American barbarians kill everyone and steal blood. 3/10

Endgame (1983) One trick Al Cliver rescues mutants from the SS. 7/10

Escape From New York (1981) John Carpenter's futuristic jail movie with a PA atmosphere. 7/10

Exterminators of the Year 3000 (1983) Fun Italian
wasteland adventure. 8/10

Hard Knuckle (1987) Mad Max's long lost (and certainly not missed) brother. 5/10

Idaho Transfer (1973) Peter Fonda's early attempt to save the world from itself. 7/10

Interzone (1987) Crazy happenings in this green PA 3/10

In the Year 2889 (1967) Cabin fever indoors, mutants out 3/10

Karate Cop (1991) John Travis is back to clean up the town. 3/10

Knights (1993) Albert Pyun shocks us all with another film about cyborgs. 5/10

The Last Man on Earth (1964) The original post-apocalyptic zombie vampire mash. 6.5/10

The Last Woman on Earth (1960) Roger Corman somehow serves up a little treat. 6/10

The New Barbarians (1982) Scorpion needs plenty of help in ths classic PA. 8/10

Omega Cop (1990) John Travis saves his little town from blood drinking scum. 6/10

Omega Doom (1997) Our multi-review of this Albert Pyun tradgedy. 2/10

Raiders of the Sun (1992) Cirio H. Santiago and the Filipino army make a movie. 7.5/10

Raiders of the Sun (1986) What's going on in this mess of a movie? -2/10

She (1982) Mutants, Vampires, Barbarians and strange powers combine in this eccentric PA. 7/10

The Sisterhood (1988) Psychic powers in the wasteland. Beware the Sisterhood!  6/10

Slipstream (1989) Star Wars meets Aliens? Er, no... 6/10

Solarbabies (1986) A contender for the worst film name ever, but is it any good?  6.5/10

Steel Dawn (1987) Swayze stands on his head in the desert. 6/10

Steel Frontier (1995) Switch off your brain and enjoy the ride. 8/10

Stryker (1983) Superb European desert adventure. 8/10

Jack Tillman: The Survivalist (1987) AKA Jack Tillman: Overrated 4x4 owner. 2/10

Survival Zone (1983) A happy family survives the nukes, but can they survive Big Man? 4/10

Tank Girl (1987) Silly, silly, silly silly. OK if you like silly. 3/10

Terminal Virus (1995) A Cirio H. Santiago PA in all but name. 7/10

Warriors of the Apocalypse (1985) 50% wasteland, 50% amazon. 60% rubbish. 4/10

Waterworld (1995) Hugely expensive wet wasteland adventure. 7/10

Wheels of Fire (1985) The Jacobs Cream Cracker of Cirio H. Santiago PA's. 5/10

World Gone Wild (1988) Post-nuke town with water needs heroes to protect them from Adam Ant. 6/10

Short Films

Body #82 (2005) Review and interview combo! 7/10

Zordax II (2006) Homage to the '80's Italian PA's. 7/10